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The PracticE

The London Vet Behaviour Clinic was born in 2018 after the our leading vet Charlie discovered many clients were frustrated by the limited number of veterinary clinical behaviourist in the field in South London and Greater London.



CHARLIE EDMONDS (Veterinary Behaviourist)

Charlie has always had an interest in behaviour having worked with and trained animals great and small from horses to llamas to pet pigs to name but a few.

Charlie is a qualified veterinary surgeon with a Post Graduate Masters in Companion Clinical Behaviour, so unlike many behaviourists will be able to assess your animal from a veterinary perspective and as a behaviourist. He is fully accredited with the APBC & ABTC and is currently working towards becoming an RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Companion Animal Behaviour.

HANNAH BURTON (Clinical Animal Behaviourist)

Hannah's lifelong passion for animal behaviour has cumulated in many years of passion and drive. After completing her undergraduate degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, she went on to study Clinical Animal Behaviour at a master's level in 2020.


During her time at University, she has worked with many animals, including donkeys, red pandas. cats, dogs and snakes and even taught a Giant African Land-snail how to navigate a maze! 


Before joining the London Vet Behaviour Clinic, Hannah worked as a dog trainer in Central London, helping dogs to gain the essential life skills they need for the busy city environment. Hannah is fully accredited with the APBC & ABTC. Hannah is also a Certified Animal Training Instructor Qualification through the Professional Association of Canine Trainers (PACT).

All our consults will be done on a home visit, allowing us to assess your pet within its normal environment.

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