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Clinical Animal Behaviourist/ Veterinary Behaviourist


Job Description:


Canine behaviour knowledge and practice is central to rehabilitating pets with behavioural issues at The London Vet Behaviour Clinic. Science led behaviour knowledge also informs a range of behavioural modifications alongside training experience.

The role of the clinical animal behaviourist (CAB) is to advise owners, carers and professionals when animals have developed undesirable behaviours. Behavioural problems include such things as aggression towards people or other animals, destructiveness, toileting problems, vocal behaviour, fears and phobias.


The role of a veterinary behaviourist is  similar to a CAB, but also includes: assessing animals for any underlying medical issues, conducting a clinical exam, discussing about appropriate medication, supporting vet teams with understandings of behavioural medication.


Job Responsibilities:


• Ideally you will be accredited as a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist with the APBC or ASAB or be a provisional member


• You will be a skilled communicator with experience in handling challenging dogs +/- cats with a range of problem behaviours, and be familiar with a range of different techniques for training and rehabilitation.


• You will have a Post-graduate Masters in animal behaviour or welfare qualification at degree level or above you will have a thorough, in depth knowledge of behaviour, training and welfare. As a VB you will need to be a MRCVS.

• You will provide specialist behaviour consultations for dogs (+/cats) showing behaviour problems including aggressive behaviour directed towards people, liaising with vets and others, supporting the owner, and offering follow-up support as required.




  • Support from a veterinary behaviourist to train towards becoming accredited with the APBC / ASAB if you are not already accredited

  • Paid accreditation to the APBC/ ASAB

  • CPD allowance of up to £1000 per year

  • Flexible hours

  • Work as part of a growing team, supported with an in-house vet

  • Salary is dependent on role & experience


These positions are London based and will require you to be available to travel to and from clients throughout London up to 4 days a week. If you would like to apply, please send your CV and cover letter to

Application deadline September 30th. Interviewing will take place between September-October 2022

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